BEM-VINDO ao projeto de preservação,
400 hectares de mata virgem atlantica, dos quais 295 hectares em reserva federal permanente.

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Existem muitas fontes naturais sobre a reserva e três córregos de água totalmente pura, abaixo da reserva é uma das maiores e mais puras fontes de água subterrânea do mundo, o aqüífero Guarani.

Há 38 hectares na reserva que podem ser desenvolvidas, desse total queremos dividir em 6 ate 15 áreas de 1 hectare, 1.5 hectare e 2 hectares cada, (com escritura pública e propriedade, água pura e electricidade, sem impostos anuais. O custo desta participação será de 350 mil ate 600 mil reais por participante.

Os benefícios desta participação serão muitos, em primeiro lugar o participante será capaz de viver em um ambiente totalmente natural e seguro, tendo acesso a 10 quilômetros de trilhas ecológicas na reserva.
O participante será percentualmente dono do projeto de preservação que possui a reserva, e será o diretor da ONG, que é anexado para a reserva, esta ONG tem o direito de obter doações de autoridades federais, estaduais e municipais.
O participante terá percentagem dos lucros na venda de água, aqueles da fábrica de engarrafamento e estratégia de vendas foi concluída, e também o participante irá participar da exploração do eco pousada.

Há uma pousada ecológica no centro de retiro existente, também com a participação dos proprietários da reserva.
Haverá uma grande horta orgânica na reserva, que o participante será capaz de usar para seu uso pessoal.
Um estábulo com cavalos.

A atual casa viva será um centro comum para todos os participantes e centro de retiro estará disponível para os participantes para ficar enquanto eles construírem suas casas nas suas propriedades.



What is het Preservation project and who are we.

The Preservation project is a project that wants to give 10 participants per project the change to live and work in Brazil in safety and comfort, we offer  each participant land and a house  in three distinct parts of brazil, and a permanent residence to live and work in brasil legally, we will guide and support you in any way we can, we are a group of people, Brazilians and foreigners that have been living in brasil for a long time.

We know and are concerned about how difficult it is to get started in brasil with out the proper knowledge and guidance, we all learned the hard way brazilians and foreigners alike, because brasil has changed dramaticly over the last 20 years, with all the pros and cons that go with such a rapid change, to us brasil is one of the best places to live in the world for many reasons that  we will eleborate on as we go along, one of the concerns we have and why we want to offer oursiders this opportunity,is the rapid detoriation in living and enviromental conditions in many places in the world especialy in the northern hemispere.

We are looking for people that are adventurous but also realistic in making such a big step into a new world, we know how challenging it is to make such a step, and we also know that many people would consider this if they knew that they can trust the people that are allready here to do the right thing, we are commited to make your transition as smooth as possible and we do the best we can to make it easy on you because there are still plenty of challenges left to go around.

Unfortunatly brasil has a mixed reputation, the trust is lacking, unnessecary so because brasil is a great place to live with mostly nice people, but as in any emerging country there is alot of confusion considering the integration of foreigners in brasil and 90% of the foreigners  that come to brasil encounter many problems, and get into unnecessary complication and often leave with out getting to do what they came here to do, mostly because they have to go at it alone and have no support system.

We would like each participant to fully participate in all the different projects,learning as they go along, speaking the language, buiding and or designing the houses we build, land scaping, our forestry project our fishery project, each piece of land has its own organic garden, and anything you can think of to make our project a beter place to work and live.

When compared to other emerging countries, brasil is no longer a third world country, and we think there is little comparising with other emerging countries like china and india, brasil does not have the enormous population and has all the natural resources it needs to develop into  one of the leading countries in the world, brasil has an mild  climate, 5000 kilometers af beaches and alot of undeveloped land that can be used for ecologically sound agriculture, reforestation, fish farms. and project like ours that are guiding people to preserve brasil into the future.

Brasil has enormous untapped resources, we believe that brasil has a brighter future, and it is  better organised than so called first world countries like spain,portugal or greece, as far as transparency and regulation is concerned in the puchasing of property ,the recent collapse of the spanish housing market has revealed alot of fraud and malpractise in the legislation, regulation of land and housing permits on the privat and goverment level in the spanish real estate market,in brasil this is much more transparant and better regulated and with the proper guidance and advise one can in short time  obtain a transparent valid permit for your permanent residence to live and work and registration of home and property legaly registred with the federal goverment with out any complications.
After traveling thousands of miles and many years in brasil, for maximum safety and living enviroment that favors the more western taste, we focused mainly on the coastal region of santa catarina in the  mata atlantica, in the pantanal in mato grosso the sul and on a specific beach area called barra grande in bahia, in each of those regions we have a good support system of locals and outsiders.

We want to developed this project for 10 persons, with an investment of 170000 euro each,  the participant will live in  a 400 hectares  reserve in the most preserved part of the Atlantic rain forest , protected by Brazilian  federal law, 50 hectares of land in a natural setting on the river in the pantanal with communal garden and fishpond and hardwood treeplanting, and one hectatre of land on one of the most beautiful and remote beaches in bahia
The  project enables the participant to have a comfortable  home in a nature reserve in santa catarina, and the option to build a simple but comfortable chalet in the pantanal and bahia.

The input per participant in this part of the preservation project is 170000 euro, the reserve in santa catarina which will be the main residence there we offer 2 hectares with a house, (a well build build home serving as the main residence in brasil for the participant in the preservation project) on a 400 hectares reserve in the mata atlantica, coastal mountains in santa catarina, additionally the option to build a chalet on the land you own in the pantanal and bahia , 2 hectares on 50 hectares on the river taquary in the pantanal, and 500 hundred square meters on one hectare on the beach in bahia, barra grande.

The reason we  offer this for an input of 170000 euro per participant is that 10 people  will put their money into the Preservation project bank account first so we can buy the reserve and build ten comfortable luxury homes . The preservation project  will buy the property after each participant has come to the office of our accountant and lawyer ,GICON contabilidade, and will first sign the paper work that will make them owner of 9% of the preservation project and the two hectares of land and the house that will be build on their land, and the land in the pantanal and bahia, after they deposit the money into the preservation project account, the money will be held in escrow until each participant has paid their share .

Each participant  will own the house on  the reserve in santa catarina  and the 2 hectares of land your house will be build  on, two hectares of land on a 50 hectare property in the pantanal, in mato grosso do sul, and  the land in bahia, and becomes 9% director/owner of the Preservation Project, that will buy and own the properties in santa catarina ,mato grosso and bahia, the PP will have 10% and will administrate the projects.
Each participant will also become director of the NGO that runs the reserve in santa catarina and will get a permanent residence permit and bank-account in brasil and PP will than assist and guide you  to make a living in brazil once you are established in brazil.
There will be a minimal fee of 500 euro per month per participant for upkeep and security on all three properties.

Our competent accountants, GICON contabilidade, one of the most respected firms in santa catarina, will draw up the necessary paperwork and make sure that you will feel secure in undertaking this adventure, each participant will put 170000 euro in the PresevationProject account ,after they sign the necessary paperwork that will guarantee  there security in the financial and legal acpect of the PP project .

The reserve has a very comfortable community center, that sleeps 20 people, you are welcome to stay there when you participate in the preservation project, untill the house that we are building for you with your input and help is ready, when you have settled in brasil safe and secure, we will visit the pantanal and bahia together and you decide what you want to do with the land that you own in the pantanal and bahia ,when you decide to build a house we will build it for you with your help, in the pantanal and bahia the cost of building is alot cheaper than in the south of brasil and it is easier and cheaper to build because there it is always warm.
 We are looking forward to hear from you, please lets us know when you are planning to visit brasil and we will meet you at the airport.