Preservation project two

Ten people can participate in this project and put into this project 90000 euro each.
This property is worth over one million euro, when 10 people put their money together they can live like a millionaire in a very nice bungalow for 90000 euro, this is possible because Preservation project two LTD buys the property and each participant becomes for 9% director/owner of the project and we keep 10% and manage the property and help you remodel the existing  buildings if you so desire.

This project can be part of preservation project one, the participant puts 170000 euro in preservation project one, and participates for 90000 euro in preservation project two ,in total 260000 euro and has the benefit to be part of  both projects .

This project offers 12 hectares on the island of florianopolis ,in the south part of the islands, most quite and preserved part of the island ,the property and existing buildings  on the property are in very good state of repair will make ten very nice bungalows.

For 90000 euro you will be owner of one hectare, a nice bungalow and this will enable you to get a permanent residence in brasil.

What is most important is that it offers peace and quite in safety only 2 kilometer from a very nice beach, you can walk on a quite country road to the beach, in a very green preserved Atlantic Forest, and anybody that knows brasil knows that the Brazilians are very nice people but they make alot of noise.

This property has only one entrance and is surrounded by forest, and no neighbors, and fantastic  views  of the Atlantic  ocean and surrounding forest.

You are twenty kilometer away from the center of florianopolis town arguably  one of the nicest and safest towns in brasil and you are close to more than hundred beaches in the surrounding  area .